Sonicframe™ Productions' talented team of international composers and sound designers bring the affordable alternative to any visual media music project. Sonicframe is a one-stop shop audio production company. Providing cutting edge music and sound design for everything from the smallest of independent or indie film and video games, to large studio releases. Any size project is considered, including television, commercials, websites, videos, and mobile games. If there is any potential use for music to any form of visual media entertainment, we will be your best choice. STORY
Anyone who has witnessed music synchronized to picture knows it is incredible, emotional impact. Sonic frame productions has been an important part of an ever-growing network of visual media opportunities in historic New England for the past four years we provide music and sound design for everything from the smallest of independent or indie films and video games two large studio releases any size project is considered including television, commercials, websites, video, and mobile games. If there is any potential use for music to any form of visual media entertainment, we will be your best choice. VALUE
A unique opportunity to work with musicians from over 92 different countries has made sonicframe a reputable production group with a diverse library of music and sound design, it is no surprise at sonic frame productions has gained considerable success in New England. The SFP staff is made up of a tremendous amount of award-winning talented and experience
 Joshua Cohen commenced his musical journey at the young age of four when he began his study of classical piano. He quickly moved on to Jazz, Funk, Pop, and Rock, and began playing the drums and guitar, performing in a myriad of bands of diverse genre, while continuing to give classical piano performances. He eventually set his sights on the prestigious Berklee College Of Music where he graduated cum laude in both Film Scoring and Composition, minored in Interactive Video Game Scoring, and was honored with the BMI Film Scoring Award. Since graduating he's worked as a composer and sound designer on feature films, video games, for tabletop and RPG games, for advertising and sound branding campaigns, and as an arranger and producer of popular music. He also works as an assistant to Hollywood composer Mario Grigorov.
 Jason Parks produces live & digital entertainment for music festivals, corporate events, music videos, websites, documentaries, and more. Parks has worked with over five hundred international performers and bands in the course of his career. Clients include Amazon Aid Foundation, Outside the Box Multi-Arts Festival, Americares, Harvard, PTC Advantage, and TedX. One of his most successful credits, to date, is "Anthem for the World”, a music video that incorporates musicians from over 90 different countries. Parks received a Bachelors of Music, Cum Laude from Berklee College of Music.
 César Suarez is a film/video game composer, producer and an award winning sound designer. He is known for his work on Vent (2015), The long Divide (2015), The Chain (2014), and Against the Jab (2014), Sol Contingency (2015) among others. The Ecuadorian born composer began his musical career in Miami, Fl where he was raised from an early age. His musical roots lie in both latin and jazz styles as he played jazz guitar for his high school jazz band. During his early years, he collaborated and recorded with local latin artist Victor André and performer in various venues around the Miami area. Suarez attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music in 2007 and graduated in 2011 with a degree in Film Scoring. Later that year, He Co-founded and became CEO of Sonicframe Productions along with his colleague and Co-founder Jason Parks. He went on to score many local short films and in 2014 he score his first feature length film Against the Jab (2014) which featured actor Leon Robinson. That same year, He fully dove into the world of sound design, and began his journey with an indie game known as Sol Contingency as the Audio Lead. He went on to create the atmosphere for the award winning horror short Vent (2015) where he won the best sound award at the Boston 48 Hour Film Project.  Camilo Rodriguez is a composer, producer, and mixing engineer. He left his native Colombia to attend Berklee College of Music for a double major in Contemporary Writing, and Music Production and Engineering. Upon graduation, he moved back to Colombia to work as a recording engineer at a major studio in Bogotá. He also free-lanced as a producer, session guitarist, and composer for advertising and jingles. During this time, he produced and mixed a variety of styles, including soundtracks for theatrical releases, and composed music for commercials featured in national television (RCN and CaracolTV). In 2012, he joined Sonicframe Productions as a Mixing Engineer, and he’s currently working on a Masters in Media Writing and Production at University of Miami.
Manuel Garcia Albornoz (b. 1986) is an Ecuadorian composer and orchestrator. He started his musical career early in his teens as a guitar player for different rock bands. In 2004 he moved to Argentina where he studied classical music composition and philosophy at Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina. In 2006 he moved back to Ecuador to study at Universidad San Francisco de Quito in their music department. At USFQ he majored in Jazz composition and performance until 2008 when he was accepted at Berklee College of Music. At Berklee he majored in Film Scoring and graduated with high honours (Magna Cum Laude). In Boston Manuel worked as a composer, film music editor, arranger and orchestrator on different projects, from short films, interviews, to internet adds. In 2011 Manuel moved to Barcelona to study his M.A. at the Universitat de Barcelona where he graduated in 2012. He worked as a professor at USFQ in Quito, from 2013 to 2015, where he taught composition and music theory courses. Manuel has been working as a composer and orchestrator for Sonicframe productions since 2011. Currently he lives in Boston.
Zhuo(Z) is a music producer, film composer and a marketing visionary. His latest work including short films Bridgebuilders, The Long Divide, Vent and the video game Sol Contingency. He is also currently collaborating with Warner and Campbell’s stuff songwriter Scarlet Keys as a songwriter and producer on their next single. He started studying at Berklee College of Music in Fall, 2013. Within two years and six months, he finished program in Professional Music with concentration in film scoring, music production and music business.(marketing and taxation) He has been a private student of Richard Davis (Prince of Thieves) and privately mentored by Hollywood top composer George S. Clinton through out the college. Zhou joined Sonicframe Productions in 2014 as an additional composer and marketing administration.