Music Composition & Production SFP's talented team of composers and music producers specialize in everything from video game audio to classical, ethnic, jazz, pop, electronic, hip-hop, film, TV, trailer music, or even jingles. Whatever the needs of your project, we'll deliver unique quality music in just about any style or genre.
Sound Design & Sound Effects Monsters, weapons, animals, ambiance, menus, buttons, whooshes, impacts, and all manner of sound design -- whether it's a video game, movie, or mobile app, we'll provide that next-level cutting-edge sonic experience.
Audio Implementation No matter if your game or app is being developed for Android, IOS, Consoles, Mac or PC, we'll work with you and any middleware (Wwise, FMOD), proprietary tools, Unity, UDK, or any other engine to get our audio functioning perfectly and impactful. Sonic Branding A Sonic Identity is like a graphic logo for the ear, creating an emotional connection between your brand and your audience. Sound is one of the brain's most powerful memory senses, and we're here to harness that power to shape your customers' experience across any and all platforms.